Gender Affairs

The Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs, and Family is a national mechanism responsible: for addressing and advancing national gender issues, promoting opportunities and equality of gender development in Social, economic, education, and reproductive health, for enhancing leadership, decision-making processes and managerial participation of women and girls in politics and public life for equitable and sustainable development, for preventing and mitigating harmful traditional practices and all violence against women and girls in public and private sphere for inclusive and friendly environment.

The department of Gender and Family stands for ensuring equitability, inclusivity, and sustainability in contributing prosperity, justices, and sustainable development regarding tools of Sustainable Development Goals, principles of Human Rights-based Approaches and indicators of sustainable development targets. The department directs and guides the development of Gender policies, strategies, and proceeding through planning, conferences, coordination, consultation, and networking for the realization of high quality of life for women, vulnerable, and marginalized groups by creating a better platform for sustainable and equitable development.

The mandate of the department

  • To mainstream gender and family issues into all areas of development, including legislation, policies, programs, and projects.
  • To develop, direct, coordinate and supervise all gender-related policies and mechanisms.
  • To ensure ratification, implementation and legal instruments of the convention of elimination of all forms of discrimination against women
  • To facilitate gender mainstreaming in sector development programs at all level.
  • Promotion of women’s political participation and representation in decision-making processes
  • To provide capacity building for gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • To capacitate members of the family for better cohesion and high quality of life
  • To mediate and facilitate the resolution of family conflicts
  • To create economic opportunities for disadvantaged families

Vision statement

  • The department eagerly desires to cause equitable, inclusive and sustainable development for Family, women, girls, and, vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized segments of the community for the high quality of life for all.

Mission statement

  • The department exists to advance gender equality issues, promote family, and women’s opportunities and equalities in economic empowerment and entrepreneurship, enhancing women in leadership, representation, decision-making processes and managerial participation for political empowerment, and preventing and mitigating harmful traditional practices and violence against women and girls for Human rights-based approaches and justices.