Somaliland Social workers registration SSWR



Social workers often work in many different areas to provide services for individuals and
their families to improve their general safety and well-being through agreed
standardized case management system and promote community-based preventive and
response mechanisms in order address factors contributing human rights abuses and
exploitations (emotional physical and sexual abuses/exploitation) and facilitate their access to social service based their needs.
The purpose of the Registration plat form is to:

Recording protection concerns:


Provide a space to record the trends and
types of human rights abuses and detailed personal information about the
women and children with protection concerns, type of services provided and
identified gaps for better response and recovery.

Monitoring and Follow-up:


Ensure how the day-to-day work and practice of the
social workers are in line with case management principle and agreed case
management steps.

Client’s case:


is formally reviewed at least every three months (and initially after
one months of the decision to start a case management service on this Plath

How to Apply

google link, fill all the required areas, and submit before 10 October 2022 at 12:00 AM– make sure to write your email and telephone number carefully: