Department of Employment and Training

The Department of Employment and Training was established since June 2018, following the critical needs to job creation for the youth, vulnerable people, women, and minorities to find employment opportunities to tackle poverty and unemployment and to improve their economy.

The department consists of the Director, Consultants, and sections such as mentioned below.

Internships and Job Placement

That works on developing the knowledge and experience of young people from universities, schools, and vocational institutions to find new jobs or helping them create a successful business through training the young people with training skills in CV Writing, Interview Skills, Entrepreneurship, Work Ethics, and Employer Expectations provided by the job center.

Job Creation

Specifically designed to create employment opportunities for youth, vulnerable people and families who need to improve their financial aspects, and this section specially deals with all employment laws and policies.

Vocational Education Training

Which is primarily focus on working for strengthening and communicating the relations of TVET centers and monitoring them to explore and innovate available job market opportunities, reviewing and improving the technical training curriculum in collaboration with all TVET stakeholders and cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science.


Department envisions finding young skilled and professionals to eliminate unemployment and youth illegal immigration.


Effective visions and strategies with committed employment partners governed by employment creation laws and policies. Employment department also stands for an inclusive society where women, youth, children, minorities, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups have fair employment opportunity by ladder:

  • Department`s Staff capacity-building, knowledge, and Job Merit in order to get excellent services that satisfy the Society
  • Getting Policies and Acts that Facilitate Employment Creation Strategies
  • Creating Environment that harmonizes the Employers and Job Seekers, and opening Regional Job Centers
  • Promoting Vocational Training Centers and responding Labor Market Needs
  • Promoting Employment Creation particularly vulnerable people, Women, Youth and facilitating them Startup Businesses and Employment.