MESAF has commitment for inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities. We there fore aim to change society in which persons with disabilities in all sects/aspects of life by removing or minimizing the attitudinal barriers, physical barriers, informational and communication barriers, and legislative, procedural and programmatic barriers.
Working with others, MESAF focus on services which address the needs of the most vulnerable Persons with Disabilities Women and children with Disabilities issues.
People with disabilities in Somaliland are often disregarded by their families and community at large because they are thought to be a burden to the family and add stigma to the community. Therefore, it is imperative to develop a collective consciousness and challenge society’s disabling barriers so that people with disabilities can realize their human rights without discrimination to live a prosperous and independent life.
Working with organizations that are mandated or specialized in dealing with people with disabilities, MESAF will Lobby and advocate for mainstreaming disability related issues in national policies, laws, development programs including leading and encouraging persons with disabilities to have forums and avenues to expose their inventions and innovations.