About Ministry

Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs and Family of the Republic of Somaliland (MESAF) is mandated to serve for specific target groups of the society, especially women, children, people with disabilities and other socially disadvantaged groups including refugees, asylum seekers, IDPs, returnees and minorities to ensure their rights of accessing basic services, fair employment opportunities, and protection support are ensured.

MESAF managed to have strong working relationships with different stakeholders for designing and implementing of macro/microprograms and projects in the areas of protection of child rights, creating employment opportunities and empowering women to participate key national decision-making bodies.


Our Vision

MESAF envisions “a society guided and steered by a competitive, and innovative human resources performances with inclusively integrated equity and social welfare”


Our Mission


Productive labor force with organized representative trade unions governed by fair labor laws and policies. MEFAF also stands for valued family cohesion and inclusive society where women, youth, children, minorities, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups have a stake in decision making and participating in all levels of development processes.